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What you think about: An embrace of self-checkout?

We asked about a recent trend in retail: Here are your thoughts

A recent report from a digital commerce solutions provider found that younger shoppers prefer to complete their grocery shopping experience through the self-checkout line. The report found that, overall, self-checkout is gaining in terms of preference, with 43% of shoppers saying they would rather handle the transaction on their own vs. traditional checkout. Among respondents aged 18 to 44, the preference for self-checkout is even higher, at 53%.

Here’s what you think about the self-checkout sentiment:

Jonathan Lieu, corporate communications manager
Acceptance is different from liking it. When I shop, sometimes self-checkout is the only option, so oftentimes customers are forced to use it. I don’t think customers necessarily prefer self-checkout for the sake of self-checkout itself. What they want is speed. They don’t want to have to wait in a line longer than they have to. I’m confident that if customers feel that a human can check them out quickly, they wouldn’t care about self-checkout.

Ryan Turnley, head of customer supply chain supermarket and ecommerce at BlueTriton Brands 
If you trust the media, no one likes it. I seem to see the older demographics struggling with it, while the younger demographics accept it. Personally if it saves me five minutes, it’s worth it to me. Sams Scan and Go is my personal favorite. I can’t [stop] time but I can utilize tools that help me get time back.

Michael Palmieri, president at Lynmar Builders
Customers like it but owners don’t / cannot control the stealing.

Pat Daniel, driver at Danny Herman Trucking
I retired from retail. My cashier days are over. I tell every cashier this when they ask if I know how to use the self-checkout.

Vivian Morris, retired from being a sales rep. at Advantage Sales and Marketing
If I have a couple of items I don’t mind, but if I have a lot of items I wouldn’t use self checkout.

Lew Morrison, natural independent retail supervisor at JOH
Accepting it but not loving it. Really not much choice when there are only two regular cashiers and 10 self-checkouts.


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