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Zero ozone-depleting refrigerated displays hit the market

The EPA approved R290 as an “acceptable substitute” for retail food refrigeration

A new refrigerated retail display that uses propane as an environmentally sustainable alternative to typical refrigeration systems was released Tuesday by JSI Store Fixtures, an LSI Industries Inc. company. 

The eco-friendly R290 refrigerant is a non-toxic, zero ozone-depleting refrigerant, and has a Global Warming Potential of 3, the Cincinnati-based company said. That’s compared to the more commonly used HFC refrigerant, which has a Global Warming Potential of 1,400, JSI said. 

“Interest in this product is very high, and we anticipate continued adoption of this solution as customers witness the effectiveness of R290 in their store environments,” said LSI Industries President and CEO James Clark.

Clark noted that the system also uses less energy. 

“The Environmental Protection Agency approved R290 as an ‘acceptable substitute’ for retail food refrigeration under the Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) program,” the company said. “JSI was well positioned to implement this new method in its store fixtures and to provide customers with an exciting, innovative, and environmentally sound solution to improve the environment.”

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