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Schnucks Lets Shoppers Decide Fate of Coupons

ST. LOUIS — Shoppers overwhelmingly want Schnuck Markets to keep offering meal-deal coupons each Friday on Facebook.

More than 1,000 comments were posted on Facebook in response to an inquiry from Schnucks about possibly canceling the year-old “Drive Time Specials.”

The coupons are kept secret until about noon on Friday, and are valid the same day from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. — when many people are driving home from work or activities and looking for meal ideas.

“Okay the jury is in with a verdict ... the DTS stays,” Schnucks said of the numerous responses. “Thanks for all the ideas and love.”

The decision came in response to a Sept. 7 Facebook post from Schnucks asking if shoppers still wanted the coupons.

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“We created them to reward our social media followers and create a low-cost value meal that would feed two to four people,” Schnucks wrote. “We used to get hundreds of responses. Now we get 25 to 50, and many are complaints. Has the DTS run its course and is it time to change it or dump it?”

Most of the 1,000 comments were in support of the coupons.

Among the responses: 

  • “No, don't dump it. Our pockets really appreciate it.”
  • “I love all the deals. Please keep it!”
  • “No, please do not stop this special. I travel Monday through Thursday and love picking up this special.”
  • “Please keep them coming, and simply ignore those rude complaints. Most of us are very grateful for Schnucks' generosity.”
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