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Weis expands store brand coffee lineup

Weis Markets has added a national brand equivalent tier to its private brand coffee program, which it’s offering at a more competitive price.

“We determined that the program we [previously] had in place was not putting out the sales we had hoped for,” Maria Panko, Weis' senior manager of Private Brands, Natural/Organic, Specialty and Ethnic, told SN. “We decided that we wanted to have a broader appeal to all consumers which is why we split the program into two tiers.”

The offering includes Weis Quality Premium 100% Arabica coffee in Donut Shop, Hazelnut Crème, Decaf Hazelnut Crème, Decaf French Vanilla, French Vanilla, Decaf Breakfast Blend, Breakfast Blend, Fog Cutter and French Roast, which retail for $4.99.

Comprising the premium tier of Weis Five Star Coffees are Kona Breeze, Colombian Estate, African Serengeti, Jamaican Mountain Blend, Organic Peruvian Decaf Whole Bean, Organic Peruvian Whole Bean, Organic Nicaraguan Dark Roast, Whole Bean Organic Nicaraguan Dark Roast and Whole Bean Organic Costa Rican. Each retails for $7.99.

“We’re minimizing costs to present a better value to our consumer and have more trial into the brand,” Panko said.

Coffee bags feature a QR code linking to a website with more information about each item in the lineup. Shoppers who provide registration information can obtain a coupon for $1 off one of the new items.

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