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WFM Sources Harpoon-Caught Swordfish

AUSTIN, Texas — For July and August Whole Foods Market is offering Nova Scotia harpoon-caught swordfish in its stores.

The retailer’s port buyer meets the fishing boats to select the swordfish, Whole Foods said in a release.

The swordfish is Marine Stewardship Council Certified; Whole Foods said that using a harpoon to catch fish is less likely to catch other marine life or harm the ocean habitat.

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"We are thrilled to be working for the third year with this small band of fishermen who are truly committed to sourcing swordfish sustainably," said Dan Rand, port buyer for Whole Foods Market, in the release.

"Our direct relationship with the harpooners in this small fleet plus our careful selection of the highest-grade fish with white meat, a firm texture and bright blood lines that signify optimum temperature and handling, ensures that our shoppers are getting the highest quality, freshest swordfish out there."

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