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Unboxed: 8 wellness-boosting products for pets

Pet-owning shoppers can treat their furry friends to these cleanly formulated treats, meals, health products and soap

Pet owners are jumping on the health & wellness bandwagon by with a variety of new, sustainably produced and better-for-them pet products that retailers would be wise to carry.

Some of these products represent a growing number of natural brands that are making it their mission to provide healthy, whole-food products for pets, many of which have functional ingredients or are designed to appeal to specific dietary needs. Others come from the growing line of wellness and lifestyle products for pets that include these cbd hemp oils designed to help dogs relax and de-stress.

Among the products in this roundup are human-grade instant dog food with chicken and bone broth; soft puppy chews that are nut-, soy- and wheat-free; organic pet oil containing whole hemp oil; and all-natural dog shampoo that features natural flea repellants like eucalyptus and lavender.

The team at New Hope Network relied on their discerning dog-friendly office friends — and a few cats at home — to give these products a paw up or a paw down. Check them out in the slideshow!



This piece originally appeared on New Hope Network, a Supermarket News sister website.

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