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Walmart Jinx pet food.jpg Walmart
A favorite online brand, Jinx premium dog food and nutrition brand is now available in nearly 1,000 Walmart stores and on

Walmart rolls out new assortment of pet products

Jinx dog food, PrettyLitter health-monitoring cat litter, Barkfest in Bed toy collection and Best Friends grooming service make their Walmart debuts

Already established as a one-stop shopping destination for pet owners, Walmart is upping its game with the introduction of a number of new products and services.

• A favorite online brand, Jinx premium dog food and nutrition brand is now available in nearly 1,000 Walmart stores and on With a premium line of kibble, treats, dental chews and more, customers can find nutritional and super-food packed products for dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes.  

Walmart pretty kitty litter.png

• PrettyLitter smart cat litter has also arrived at Walmart. Featuring health monitoring technology, advanced odor control and long-lasting supply, color-changing PrettyLitter helps detect early signs of illness while keeping your home odor-free.  

• From the creators of the BarkBox subscription service, the BARK toy collection “Barkfest in Bed” line offers a variety of toys and chews that will match your dog’s style of play, including new products such as Barkin Egg & Cheese Dog Toy and Cinnamutt Roll Super Chewer Dog Toy

Walmart Barkfest in Bed.jpg

In addition to these new products, Walmart will be introducing Best Friends daycare and grooming services at 10 locations in the coming weeks — including private rental space for dog birthday parties. With over 30 years of pet care experience, pet owners can conveniently shop while their pups play and get pampered by the grooming experts.  

Walmart’s expansion of its pet offering comes at a time when Americans are more pet-focused than ever. Indeed, the overarching trend in pet care anticipated this year is the accelerated humanization of the family pet, according to online pet product marketplace

“There are certainly more chapters that have yet to be written before this pandemic comes to an end, but one subplot has already emerged: love and appreciation for our pets has reached an all-time high,” said Kate Jaffe, trend expert at Rover. “More and more, we’re relying on our pets to be our friends and to provide emotional support. It’s a fair assumption that pet parents will repay the favor in 2022, accelerating the pet industry to new heights.”



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