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Podcast: Functional beverages are slamming

Consumers pivot to “better for you” options


The landscape for center store beverage categories has been shifting dramatically, as consumers gravitate toward newer players that provide functional benefits, like prebiotic and probiotic sodas, as well as old standbys like energy drinks.

Supermarket News Executive Editor Chloe Riley sat down with Numerator’s Mike Scavuzzo at the recent EXPO East Natural Products show in Philadelphia, Penn. to talk about the significant growth in functional beverages. 

Highlights from Scavuzzo’s 2022 recap on the prebiotic and probiotic soda category:

  • Just shy of $162 million in category projected sales on 107% growth vs 2021
  • Total households, up 71%
  • Average spend per household, up 22%
  • Purchase frequency, up 12%
  • Spend per trip, up 9%
  • Spend per unit, up 2%
  • Units per trip, up 7%

“The brilliance of these brands is that they took a high penetration, mainstream category and made it ‘better for you.’ Mainstream means consumer approachability and little education needed to understand what the product is.. Better for you is self explanatory. That deadly combo is making a dent in CSD (carbonated soft drink) sales and you better believe Coke and Pepsi are on high alert.”

Take a listen.


Have a pitch for the podcast? Reach out at [email protected]. And thanks for listening.

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