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Foodservice Tops Fresh Food Articles of 2013

This year’s list of SN's most popular online Fresh articles begins and ends with foodservice. In between, Fresh fans will find news and views about fresh cut snacks, hummus, baked goodies and artisanal cheese.

1. Hy-Vee Reimagines Foodservice With Full-Service Restaurants

Restaurants are high on the menu of Hy-Vee foodservice plans, which call for scores of store remodels to add full-service Market Grilles and smaller Market Cafes. A Spotlight on Deli/Fresh Meals feature. It was reported this month that Hy-Vee will add 50 restaurants next year.

2. Whole Foods Imagines Produce Dept. Without Bees

Whole Foods generated lots of buzz (sorry, couldn’t help it) about produce, or the potential lack thereof, "by removing half its produce items at one store to show what the department would look like if there were no bees to pollinate plants."

3. Wegmans Adds Fresh Cut Snacks

The enterprising Northeast retailer reinforced its pro-health MO by rolling out fresh cut snack combos to all stores, just in time for back-to-school munching. Carrot and celery sticks with hummus dips sound mighty good to me.

4. Hummus Category Spreads Out at Retail

Speaking of hummus, mashed chickpeas are "all the rage" (so the story goes, by SN's Jenna Telesca). Shoppers are taking more interest in hummus, and retailers are paying attention. “It’s just been an item that has really taken off” — or is humming along, one might say.

5. Sweet Trends: Cupcakes, Cookies … and Cronuts

The Cronut — that trademarked, knockoff-generating, mouth-watering doughnut-croissant hybrid — isn’t the only hot trend in sweet baked goods. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes and red velvet are more than holding their own. As is Reveal Cake, whatever that is.

6. Fresh Market Categories on Solid Ground

Traders scan the stock lists and fans review the boxscores, but category managers devour sales figures, and SN provided statistics galore in 15 fresh categories from A to Z — actually, from B (bakery) to Y (yogurt).

7. Tops’ Orchard Fresh Format Will Target Foodies

Fresh is everywhere these days, including supermarket signage, and not to be outdone, Tops Friendly Markets opened its small-format, fresh-focused, upscale store under the banner Orchard Fresh at, where else, Orchard Park, N.Y.

8. Grocery Stores Losing Fresh Market Share

With all the talk about how supermarkets are relying more and more on perimeter sales, one research firm cautions grocery stores that they’ll lose fresh food share to the likes of supercenters and club stores in the next few years.

9. Kroger, Murray’s Cheese Partnership Going Strong

While stores within stores have long benefited both partners, the concept is really clicking with big chain Kroger and big cheese Murray’s. The artisanal cheese shops are found in dozens of Kroger stores across the country, with more to come.

10. Supermarkets Look to New Foodservice Concepts

SN's Liz Webber talked to three retailers about their innovative foodservice projects. Dinner is served at Todds BBQ at Mariano’s. It’s ready to go at Kings Food Market’s “Inspirations-to-Go.” Or, if you have a taste for tortillas (I do!), try the full-service taco bar at Brookshire’s.

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