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IDDBA 2014: Move over, Cronut

IDDBA 2014: Move over, Cronut

The IDDBA exhibit floor is a place to show off new, exciting and sometimes out there products. This year's exhibitors did not disappoint. Multiple booths had intriguing hybrids in bakery to try to give the Cronut a run for its money.

Building on the popularity of pretzel bread and rolls, Lantmannen Unibake was sampling a pretzel croissant that gave a salty spin to a normally sweet treat.

Dawn Foods' new Vortex cakes have a bottom layer of brownie or cookie and a top layer of cake, with buttercream icing in between. The idea for the cakes came when one of Dawn Foods' plants got a new machine that could make both cakes and cookies and the plant manager suggested making a product that incorporated both.

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