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McMillon, McMullen, each one side of the other

​Dougie McMillon and Rodney McMullen
One can’t be beaten; the other, not sunken
One of them just gave employees big raises
Saying ‘We Sell for Less’ and other catchphrases
The other one’s traveling the length of the country
Gathering data and sales with the help of dunnhumby

Rodney McMullen and Dougie McMillon
One’s making a fortune; the other, a killin’
Eschewing the now for the future beyond
Dougie’s spending like crazy on Walmart dot-com
Rodney invested, and now feeds reporters
Same-store sales gains for 45 quarters

There’s so much in common between Rodney and Dougie
Their prices on food don’t rob me or bug me
While one has big stores he wants smaller spaces
The other one’s building more huge Marketplaces
Their differences make them the same, quite oddly
Those two CEOs, Dougie and Rodney

Rodney, whose company’s stores are so thrilling
Is just as exciting as Dougie McMillon
Both of these men, by luck and design
Sell more food alone than 10 others combined
And dominate retail food sales by the billions
Rodney McMullen and Dougie McMillon

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