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SN Poll Results: Most Bakeries Offer Gluten-Free

SN Poll Results: Most Bakeries Offer Gluten-Free

Customers on a gluten-free diet can usually find options catering to their needs in the in-store bakery, according to an SN poll. Over two-thirds (67%) of the 18 respondents said they stock packaged gluten-free products, while 11% are baking gluten-free items in-store.

That’s not really a surprise, considering the exponential growth of the gluten-free category in the past few years. (Read ‘Report: Gluten-Free On the Rise.’)

Stocking special products for those who shop gluten-free is just one way that retailers handle food allergens in the bakery. There is also a big emphasis on alerting customers with food labels and providing training for employees. (Read ‘Retailers’ Food Allergy Protocol.’)

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