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Monster Energy: Drinks Did Not Contribute to Death

CORONA, Calif. — Monster Energy drinks were not responsible for the death of 14-year old Anais Fournier as a lawsuit filed by her family alleges, concluded a team of doctors and a coroner assembled by the manufacturer.

“After an examination of Ms. Fournier’s medical records, pathology report and autopsy report, the physicians stated conclusively that there is no medical, scientific or factual evidence to support the Maryland Medical Examiner’s Report of 'caffeine toxicity' or that Ms. Fournier’s consumption of two Monster Energy drinks 24 hours apart contributed to, let alone was the cause of her untimely death,” said Daniel Callahan, one of Monster’s lawyers, in a statement.

Fournier’s death is one of at least five under investigation by the Food and Drug Administration for having occurred after Monster Energy drinks were consumed.

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