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61% of celebrants plan to grill for Labor Day 2023 (the same as 2022).

Labor Day: Some 60% of consumers plan to celebrate

And about the same amount plan to grill

Numerator continues to track purchase data and survey verified buyers to understand shifts in consumer behavior. Its 2023 Labor Day Intentions Preview identifies consumers’ celebration, shopping, and spending plans for the holiday. Here’s what was learned: 

  1. 60% of consumers plan to celebrate this year, down from 75% in 2022 
  2. 55% of celebrants plan to purchase alcohol for the holiday with the top options being beer (74%), hard seltzers (34%) and wine (33%)
  3. 61% of celebrants plan to grill for Labor Day 2023 (the same as 2022), but other celebrations are shifting away from attending or hosting a gathering/party (41% in 2023 vs. 53% in 2022) to plans such as cooking/baking (26% vs. 20%), recreational activities (21% vs 12%), traveling (19% vs. 13%), and watching fireworks (16% vs 10%)
  4. 89% of Labor Day celebrants intend to buy food, including hamburgers (83%), hot dogs (67%), chicken (60%), and steak (41%)
  5. 42% of consumers expect rising prices to impact their Labor Day plans, and 86% of consumers anticipate taking money-saving measures for the holiday, including buying items on sale (54%), preparing more budget-friendly meals (35%), using more coupons (32%), switching to store brands (23%), and visiting dollar or discount stores (20%)
  6. Summer 2023 saw beer grow sales by 11.7% and share by 1.6 points compared to summer 2022. Beer brands that grew summer share include Miller (+2.1 points), Coors (+2.1 points) and Modelo (+1.2 points). Bud Light declined by 3.2 points
  7. Ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages, which includes hard cider, hard seltzers, ready-to-drink cocktails, and flavored malt beverages, saw sales increase by 1.6% this summer compared to 2022. Nutrl (+195.3%), Beatbox Beverages (+129.5%) and Absolut (+82%) saw the largest growth in pure sales, while brands such as High Noon (+4 points), Twisted Tea (+2.1 points) and White Claw (+1.1 points) gained the most share within the category
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