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Retailers cater to Greek yogurt fans

Retailers are capitalizing on the Greek yogurt craze with store brand versions of the high-protein dairy item.

Publix Super Markets has just launched premium store-brand Greek yogurt with mix-ins made from real fruit.


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“We're excited to introduce you to our new Greek yogurt. It has everything you love about Greek yogurt: that rich, creamy texture, that mild flavor ... and, of course, it has twice the protein of regular yogurt,” Publix writes on its website.

What makes Greek yogurt especially appealing is that it is strained more to remove much of the liquid whey, lactose and sugar. This gives it a super-thick consistency with more protein and lower sugar.

H-E-B recently introduced a store brand Greek yogurt. It has promoted it on Facebook with recipes that feature the yogurt as a substitute for higher-fat dairy items like sour cream.

“Cook and eat healthier with just a few simple swaps. H-E-B Greek Yogurt is a great way to help lower the fat in your favorite recipes,” H-E-B writes.

Meanwhile, Safeway markets a 100-calorie Greek yogurt.

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