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Stater Bros. Holdings appoints Pete Van Helden to board

He will continue in role as CEO of Stater Bros. Markets

Stater Bros. Holdings Inc., the parent company of Stater Bros. Markets, has appointed Pete Van Helden (below) to its board of directors. Van Helden currently serves and will continue to serve as chief executive officer (CEO) of Stater Bros. Markets, the San Bernardino, Calif-based operator of 172 grocery stores.

“Pete’s appointment comes with full board approval and on behalf of the entire board of directors, it’s my pleasure to welcome Pete as our newest board member,” said Phillip J. Smith, chairman of the board of directors for Stater Bros. Holdings. “Pete will help provide the board with insight into Stater Bros. Markets’ operations and future expansion plans.”

Pete Van Helden.jpg

Van Helden joined Stater Bros. Markets as president and chief operating officer in 2013. In 2016, he was appointed to the position of CEO by Stater Bros.’ late executive chairman, Jack H. Brown.

Van Helden also lends his leadership skills to helping the local community, serving as CEO of Stater Bros. Charities, the philanthropic arm of Stater Bros. Markets. He is also an avid private pilot, volunteers for Angel Flight West and serves on the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Council.

Earlier this year, Stater Bros. Markets also announced that longtime president George Frahm would be retiring on Oct. 31. He will be succeeded by Greg McNiff , who officially joined Stater Bros. on Sept. 3, and has been working closely with Frahm before assuming his new role on Nov. 1.   


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