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GS1 Issues Recall Standard

BRUSSELS — GS1 here, which manages bar code and other standards worldwide, announced the ratification of a new global product recall standard, along with an implementation guide for recall notifications.

This new standard serves as a blueprint enabling suppliers and retailers to implement more effective product recall processes and notifications. The standard defines, standardizes and harmonizes the attributes to be captured and shared among trading parties and regulators during a product recall alerting and messaging process.

In the U.S., the new standard is incorporated into the Rapid Recall Exchange; users of the exchange, including retailers and manufacturers, do not need to make changes to their processes to take advantage of the new standard.

The standard is part of GS1’s solution for product and consumer safety. It complements and extends the existing GS1 Traceability Standard that provides companies with a traceability process to meet regulatory requirements.

“The GS1 Product Recall Standard will enable manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to work more closely together,” said Daniel Triot, market logistics leader, Procter & Gamble, in a statement. “By leveraging a system of global supply chain standards that we all know and use today, product recall will become a function that is embedded into all our global supply chains. Critical mass adoption and interoperability of the notification tools will accelerate the implementation of the standard.”

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