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Harmons Posts Healthy Shelf Tags

SALT LAKE CITY — Harmons’ dietitians have analyzed the retailer’s inventory to find the healthiest items. Starting today, these products will carry a Dietitian’s Choice shelf tag. 


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“We have spent countless hours combing the aisles for the most nutritious foods in a variety of pull-your-hair-out-from-frustration categories, like cereal, bread, yogurt, frozen meals and granola bars,” Harmons said on its blog.

“You can feel confident that the items with these tags meet the strict nutrition guidelines we established for the categories.”

Different categories have different criteria for what makes them healthy, but overall the guidelines for the Dietitian’s Choice tag are: more whole grains, fiber and fruits and vegetables; less sodium, saturated fat and added sugar; and no trans fat, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.

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Harmons said for some products, such as low-fat and skim milk, it would post general signs in the department, rather than use shelf tags.

For fresh produce, the retailer plans to highlight certain items each month with signs and recipes.

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