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Safeway’s Flu Shot Includes Grocery Offer

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Safeway is offering flu shots on a walk-in basis at all pharmacy locations, including a 10%-off coupon that flu shot receivers can use toward their next grocery purchase.

This year, the flu vaccine contains a different strain of the flu virus from the previous two years. The 2012 flu shot will protect against the H1N1 (California), H3N2 (Victoria) and Influenza B (Wisconsin) viruses.

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Safeway has a full range of flu vaccines available, including a high dose that is targeted to ages 65 and older. The company advises patients to consult their pharmacist to determine the best vaccine delivery method for them.

"Safeway Pharmacists are committed to caring for their patients' health in myriad ways, ranging from immunizations and medication management to counseling patients on health and wellness," said Darren Singer, senior vice president of pharmacy, health and wellness at Safeway, in a statement.

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