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Health & wellness categories will experience unprecedented growth in 2015

Health & wellness categories will experience unprecedented growth in 2015

We asked our Xperts to gaze into their crystal balls and predict what will happen in the year ahead. Here's what Margaux Drake thinks 2015 will bring for the grocery industry.

Customers walking through your doors are looking for solutions whether they know it or not. They might be wanting to feed their family healthier options. Some may want to feel better, to have more energy, to improve their performance in their day to day life, to boost their sports performance, and last but not least, to age youthfully. Most of them are tired, stressed out and short on time. Plus, given that our country is in an unprecedented healthcare crisis with diseases like diabetes, heart disease and obesity on the rise, most of them might be battling an illness…or two as well.

The already “health and wellness enlightened” will only want to continue making healthy choices. How can we make it easier for them to do so? And, everyone is looking to accomplish all of the above on a budget. The bottom line is, we can help.

Opportunity knocks

We have a huge opportunity to impact our customers' lives for the better in the coming year. Health can be positively impacted with lifestyle change, and with our current health crises, we can all rise to the occasion and be part of the solution for our customers, our children, our country. Together, let’s fuel the solution.

Get real

Stock up on organics and non-GMO whole foods and products. Consumers will be looking for ingredients they recognize and can pronounce while shopping for food. These consumers also want to see the words “real,” “100% real,” “fresh,” “made from scratch” and “natural.” Products made with high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors/preservatives, MSG, artificial colors, and growth hormones are not part of a health and wellness solution. It would be beneficial, in the long run, to support companies that support our nation’s health.

Sip on this

The demand for functional and vitality beverages is on the rise. Make sure to have plenty of those beverages to choose from like cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, pressure pasteurized young coconut waters, kombuchas and kefirs. These products contain enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics that are good for you. And, yes — they taste good too. A functional and vitality beverage cooler near the checkout is a great idea.

Fit to eat

A nice assortment of organic grass fed lean meats, plant-based proteins and high-quality protein powders are a must as consumers continue to look for healthy options to build lean muscle and recover from resistance training. Plus, vegetarian and vegan shoppers are always on the lookout for non-animal protein sources that will help them meet their daily requirements for protein in a healthful, ethical and environmentally friendly way.

Food for thought

These are just a few ideas to chew on, and make sure to be on top of your game with nutritional supplementation, super foods and specialty grains as well. Visit the health and wellness trade shows like Expo West to stay on top of these trends. And, make sure to bring a person or two who actually eats and drinks these items, so they can provide firsthand, real world insights for you and your team.

How can we make it easy for customers to shop healthier? How can we band together, buy in quantity, and work with manufacturers to keep prices affordable? Anything is possible.

Beyond 2015

Education on all of the above should be a constant drip. Little nuggets of beneficial information delivered consistently over time to inspire and empower your customer toward health and wellness. Gentle reminders in the right direction will strengthen that customer’s trust in your brand and seal the bond of your relationship. That’s how you win a lifestyle customer, not just for a year, but for a lifetime.

There is always room for improvement. How are you going to resolve to evolve your health and wellness business and capture this market growth in 2015?

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