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Maintaining health during the holidays

Maintaining health during the holidays

It’s time for a quick holiday huddle.

Just wanted to drop in today with three simple reminders that you can use yourselves and hopefully pass along to your teams as well. After all, keeping everyone healthy and performing at 100% while on the job is good for the bottom line. Think of this as a fourth quarter pep talk from the coach as we move into the next two weeks of pure holiday retail mayhem.

Take a breath
Practicing deep breathing is absolutely free and you can do it anytime, anywhere. And, it can make you feel better within minutes. When we get stressed our breathing becomes more rapid and shallow. This communicates to our bodies that we are in danger. That sets off a cascade of events in our bodies that does not make us feel good. If we consciously slow our breathing down and breathe from our diaphragm, this will communicate to every cell in our body that we are safe. When our body knows that we are safe we will feel calm and relaxed. Feel good chemicals are released too! When we are in this relaxed state our bodies will be able to absorb certain minerals better like magnesium which relaxes the nervous system and loosens tight muscles. Start now!

Drink water
Your body is a machine and that machine will start to break down if it is not properly hydrated. Alcohol consumption at holiday parities, drinking coffee to keep up with the pace of the season, elevated stress levels this time of year and lack of time to fill our water bottles all will result in dehydration. Water is a cheap fix and your body needs it. Make sure it’s purified. Every system of your body will function better when you are hydrated and you will have more energy too. Grab a water bottle and start drinking. Set out water for your team. It’s simple but it works!



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Your body needs sleep, six hours minimum and eight or nine hours is optimal. It is busy removing waste materials and rebuilding itself while you are snoozing. If you are constantly on-the-go and breaking your body down without giving it the chance to repair, just think about the results — not good. It’s free as well and by the way although getting eight straight hours of sleep is best, naps count too. Power down so you can power through to January!

What are you doing for yourself and your team to ensure that everyone gets through this holiday season healthy and at 100% productivity? What message do you share when you gather up your team for a quick holiday huddle?


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