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Ralphs hosts 'Shop with Your Doc' stores tours

Ralphs hosts 'Shop with Your Doc' stores tours

Ralphs and St. Joseph Hoag Health have joined forces for free doctor- and nutritionist-led “Shop with Your Doc” store tours.

During the Ralphs and Food4Less events, health experts offered tips like eating more colorful produce to reduce the risk of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s and stroke; trying alternatives to fatty meats like beans or lentils; and choosing breads and cereal with whole-grain ingredients.

The program is part of St. Joseph Hoag Health’s focus on improving the health of entire communities in Orange County, Calif., and not just hospital patients. Given the number of participants in the first round of tours, St. Joseph Hoag Health is hoping to make the Ralphs tours recurring, said a company spokesman. 


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“The supermarket has become the place where we make our most important everyday health decisions. We think everyone should be able to make those choices with the help of care providers and health experts they trust,” said Dr. Richard Afable, CEO of St. Joseph Hoag Health, in a statement.

“Creating healthier communities requires a team approach. That means that doctors should be partnering with residents in our neighborhoods on wellness efforts, and it means that health care providers should be working with organizations like Ralphs to make even more resources available. Helping shoppers make more nutritious choices is a key part of this approach.”

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