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What you think about: Gordon Ramsay at Walmart

We asked about the retail giant’s exclusive rights to Ramsay’s frozen items: Here are your thoughts

Last week, Walmart announced it now has exclusive rights to a new line of prepared, frozen meals from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay has dabbled in many business endeavors including cooking shows, competitions, and restaurants, but this is his first foray into prepared foods at the grocery store.

Here’s what you had to say about the new line:

James Breuhl

Many retailers are continuing to expand exclusive offerings within their aisle and value sections such as frozen. The grocery side of the business is starting to take a play from the perimeter of the store’s playbook. This is a growing trend to create separation by offering exclusivity within these merchandised sections. Walmart taking a position to offer this brand is great strategically but it’s yet to be seen whether isolating to Walmart will be best for Gordon’s brand based on the foodie experience being a drive to traditional grocers who offer better selection and variety throughout with quality far superior to Walmart’s offering.

Laura Poff

I might try these at work. Always looking for something decent and different. Update, I’m at work the next night - the four cheese mac and cheese is very good.

Robert William Smith

If he is putting his name on it I would expect it to be a quality product. Hope I’m right!

Chadwick Grimes

Always the dollars and they are good meals to be frozen. As a fan of Gordon’s, it is what it is and I would recommend the shepherd’s pie and lasagna with bolognese to those who want to try them. 

Kelly Jones

He spent years on his show yelling at people for serving frozen foods only to serve frozen foods…lol.

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