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Sweetbay Promotes $10 Meals

TAMPA, Fla. — Sweetbay Supermarkets here has launched a campaign to promote $10 meals, including new television ads and a partnership with a local food blogger to develop recipes.

One such recipe for pear and apple pork chops was published this week by Leslie Green, a Florida-based food blogger who operates the “Hungry Housewife” blog. Green said she would share additional recipes over the next 13 weeks. The meals are intended to serve four people for $10 or less, with prices adjusted for quantity and excluding common pantry items.

The trick to getting a delicious meal for under $10 is to purchase things that are on sale, to use store brand whenever possible, to take some shortcuts (using prepared items, such as the stuffing) and to make it simple,” Green said in a blog post published Tuesday.

A section of the Sweetbay website featuring the $10 meals program said it also would ask shoppers to submit their own recipes.

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