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FDA commits to firm FSMA rule deadlines

As part of a settlement agreement with the advocacy group Center for Food Safety (CFS), the FDA has set firm deadlines for final Food Safety Modernization Act rules.

The FDA agreed to develop rules for preventative controls for human and animal food by August 30, 2015, for imported food and foreign suppliers by October 31, 2015, for produce safety by October 31, 2015, for food transportation by March 31, 2016 and for intentional adulteration of food by May 31, 2016, according to a release by CFS.


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“This is the best possible result, because it provides for robust public participation in the process, yet ensures certainty for its timely conclusion. CFS remains committed to protecting the rights of small farms and organic farms during the process,” said George Kimbrell, the CFS senior attorney who led the case, in a press release.

The CFS had original sued the FDA when it did not meet a congressional order to create the safety rules within 18 months after the FSMA Act passed in 2011. CFS won the case, but FDA appealed the federal court’s decision to the Ninth Circuit of Appeals. FDA dropped the appeal after settling the case.

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