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Food Channel Predicts Supermarkets to Hire Concierges

NEW YORK — The Food Channel, in its 10 Top Trends for 2013, predicts supermarkets will be hiring concierges. Pretty far up on the prediction list, at No. 5, is this: “The Rise of the Supermarket Concierge.”

The prediction takes into account that supermarkets already employ executive chefs, offer cooking classes and have specialists “who can direct you to the best cheese, the best meats and the  best baked goods.”

“We began to see it a few years ago when we predicted the rise in butchers, and it’s gone beyond,” The Food Channel’s website states.

 “Cooking classes are everywhere — sponsored by grocery stores, private caterers, and restaurants of all sorts. The supermarket concierge is the next logical  step in the progression. “

Other Food Channel predictions for 2013, include more menu items with "smoke flavor," cooking with tea, and more prix-fixe lunches and dinner menus.

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