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Retailers Highlight Easy BTS Dinners

Retailers Highlight Easy BTS Dinners

As kids head back to school, retailers are using blogs and social media to offer busy parents ideas for quick, nutritious dinners.

“Back to school means back to long days with lots of after-school activities,” wrote Amy Hanten, “The Cooking Mom” at Onalaska, Wis.-based Festival Foods, in a recent blog post.

Hanten’s back-to-school recipe recommendations center around convenience. Her “Super Easy Pulled Pork Sandwiches” are made using a slow cooker, and her “Baked Hot Ham ‘n Cheese Sandwiches” are made with deli ham and cheese that have been quickly baked in the oven.

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A Lowes Foods’ blog post noted that busy schedules can prompt families to plan ahead for healthier meals.

Lowes, Winston-Salem, N.C., called out nutritious foods “for a great back-to-school start” — lean ground beef, whole grain pasta, natural cheese, fresh fruit and high-fiber cereal — and linked to simple Lowes recipes for spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, an extra lean hamburger sub and a chicken and cheese quesadilla.

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Whole Foods Market, Austin, Texas, took a different approach, planning last week to facilitate a back-to-school themed Twitter chat, using the hash tag  #WFMdish.

On Twitter, Whole Foods said the event would help shoppers transition smoothly to back-to-school with healthy lunches and easy dinners.

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