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57% of female video game buyers, 58% of female power/ hand tool buyers, 67% of female men’s razor & deodorant buyers, and 78% of female protein powder buyers made the final product selection.

78% of women identify as the primary household shopper

Over half of female consumers make final product selections in male-centric categories

Numerator continues to track purchase data and survey-verified buyers to understand shifts in consumer behavior. In a new consumer study—Breaking Stereotypes: The Women Driving Sales in Male-Centric Categories–over three-quarters of women identify as the primary shopper in their household, and yet certain brands and categories continue to focus on men as the target consumer, leaving dollars on the table with valuable female shoppers. Results of the study included:

  • 78% of women identify as their household’s primary shopper, making the final say in purchases, including in male-centric categories 
  • 57% of female video game buyers, 58% of female power/hand tool buyers, 67% of female men’s razor and deodorant buyers, and 78% of female protein powder buyers made the final product selection
  • Women spend $7.4B annually on power and hand tools, and 40% of female power and hand tool buyers made their purchase for their own use. The top DIY projects completed by them include landscaping/gardening (56% of female power/hand tool buyers), painting/wallpapering (51%), light fixture repair/installation (38%), and plumbing repair/installation (31%)
  • 37% of female power/hand tool buyers learn how to use home improvement tools through instructional videos, and the top social networks for women include Facebook (76%), Instagram (48%), and Pinterest (44%)
  • Women purchasing video games are equally as likely to be purchasing for themselves or for their young children (38% each), and they play video games to entertain themselves (63%) to relax or de-stress (50%), and spend time with children and family members (38%)
  • The top purchasing channels for female video game buyers are online (59%), mass (38%) and electronics (27%)
  • While women did purchase men’s razors and deodorant for themselves (36% and 21%, respectively), the majority bought for their partners (63% and 74%, respectively) but still were the final decision makers on the purchase
  • Younger women are more likely to purchase men’s products for themselves. 58% of Gen Z and 51% of Millennial female buyers said they purchased men’s razors for themselves, compared to just 31% of Gen X and 25% of Boomers+ female buyers
  • 69% of female protein powder buyers bought the products for themselves, compared to just 35% purchasing it for a partner
  • Nearly one-third (31%) of women purchasing protein powder seek out alternatively derived protein sources. The top reasons for purchase include healthier options (60%), dietary restrictions (37%), better taste (20%) and environmental friendliness (20%)
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