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Editor’s note: H-E-B proving Texas proud

Following Hurricane Harvey’s destruction, the retailer is living up to its heritage

I grew up in Houston, and like the rest of the country I’m heartbroken over the devastation in my hometown. My family and friends are all, thankfully, safe, and I pray for that to continue. But many families cannot say the say thing. And that’s where the true spirit of Texans comes in.

Texas is known for many things—chili, guns, rodeos, big hair, to name a few—but the trait I hope everyone comes to associate with Texas after Harvey is love for your neighbor. The reports coming from Houston are devastating, but there are some shining examples of a community helping each other out. Neighbors are using their boats in search-and-rescue operations and I’ve seen many friends opening their homes to anyone who needs help.

But there’s a huge community member in Texas that is giving a hand—and so much more. And that’s H-E-B, the San Antonio-based supermarket chain.

On the morning before Harvey hit, Supermarket News sent its September issue to the printer. In that issue, which will be hitting your desks shortly after Labor Day, we name H-E-B as our 2017 Retailer of the Year. We honored the company for its commitment to its brand and vision and being a company that looks for long-term growth and success as opposed to acting on a whim for short-term gain.

But we also recognized H-E-B because it embodies that Texas pride and sprit of community, and boy did it step up to the plate this past weekend. On Sunday, H-E-B dispatched its Disaster Response Units and two H-E-B Mobile Kitchens. The convoy of more than 15 vehicles will deliver food, water, supplies and fuel to those impacted by Harvey. There is also a place to fill prescriptions. More than 100 employees have volunteered with these efforts.

It’s hard to convey to someone outside the state just how much H-E-B is in the blood of Texans. And to see that convoy going into neighborhoods in the wake of Harvey’s path provided such relief and hope to so many people. Here are some reactions on social media:

 From the family at Supermarket News and all those in Texas who are on the receiving end of your generosity, thank you, H-E-B.

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