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The author always has her water handy quotat my desk in my car and at meetingsquot
<p>The author always has her water handy &quot;at my desk, in my car and at meetings.&quot;</p>

Margaux’s signature accessory? A very cool water bottle


First impressions are everything — we all got the memo. As professionals, we know that we get up, dress up and show up every day if we want to succeed in life. We select appropriate attire depending on our job, we do our hair and we work hard because we want to project a positive image to those around us. Appearance matters the first time or the 50th time we see someone. Check!


What about those accessories? They’re also sending a silent message to your co-workers, colleagues, employees, customers and potential customers, and I’m not talking about a great pair of shoes or the perfect handbag.

Margaux never goes anywhere without her cool Voss water bottle.
Margaux never goes anywhere without her water bottle.

Consider for a moment, the item that always seems to be with us whether we think about them or not. Is that omnipresent cup of coffee in a stained Styrofoam cup or a sleek insulated travel mug? Is a refillable monster beverage jug from the convenience store/gas station a wardrobe staple?  Do you show up for meetings with a messy stack of papers or an iPad?  When your phone rings do you whip out an old-school flip phone or a newer smartphone?


Are you good with your current look or does it need some attention? Maybe just some fine-tuning? What message does it send? Decide what your signature accessory is going to be, make sure it represents your personal brand and own it.

Being a health and wellness advocate who preaches first and foremost: water, water, water, there is no question that a bottle of water will be with me always — at my desk, in my car and at meetings. The environment is also important to me so I found a cool looking glass Voss bottle that I can wash and reuse. Then, I refill it with reverse osmosis water multiple times daily. 

If it breaks or I lose it, it’s not expensive to replace. Honestly, I used it for years BEFORE I found out that the unique bottle was the brainchild of Neil Kraft, former creative director for Calvin Klein. It makes perfect sense though. It’s chic and goes with everything! The water bottle has turned into a calling card of sorts.


What you select for yourself just may catch on to those around you — hopefully it’s good and healthy. One day I noticed that my students started to show up at class with the same bottle of water that I had, then the whole Voss water bottle thing took off on it’s own. Now, I can spot them in a crowd just by the accessory they are carrying.


What’s your signature accessory? Are you owning it or rethinking it?

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