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Podcast: Hitting the shopper with everything, but strategically

SN talks with Ahold Delhaize USA CEO JJ Fleeman about the omnichannel approach, retail media, and more


Ahold Delhaize USA CEO JJ Fleeman was at Groceryshop 2023 in Las Vegas last week talking about omnichannel strategies.

However, you must know how customers are responding to a given channel to come up with an effective overall experience. In that regard, Ahold Delhaize USA has insight research teams and work with CPGs. Analysts and economist teams also provide input, and shop-a-longs are another way the grocer monitors trends and changes in shopper behavior.

Supermarket News Senior Editor Bill Wilson had the chance to catch up with Fleeman at the show, and talked about everything ranging from the omnichannel experience to shrink inventory and retail theft.

In this episode you will hear about:

  • Ahold Delhaize USA's omnichannel strategy
  • Acting quickly on shopper trends and behavior
  • Digital media growth
  • Technology at fulfillment centers
  • Market consolidation
  • Retail theft

Take a listen.


Have a pitch for the podcast? Reach out at [email protected]. And thanks for listening.

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