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The app can alert customers when to take their medicine
<p>The app can alert customers when to take their medicine.</p>

Shoppers receptive to Price Chopper pharmacy app

Price Chopper’s new pharmacy app, which alerts users when their prescription is ready for pickup and when it’s time to take their medication, is well received by shoppers, Kathy Bryant, Price Chopper’s VP of pharmacy told SN.

“The app is integrated with our pharmacy dispensing system and talks with it in real time so if you’re supposed to take your prescription three times a day, the app knows that and if the customer opts in [to receive alerts] they can select the three specific times” to be alerted, said Bryant. “Speaking directly with the pharmacy dispensing system is really a nice feature because not all apps are integrated with pharmacy systems as robustly as this.”

The integration, as well as the ability of shoppers to refill their prescription via the app, is enhancing shoppers' prescription compliance and creating efficiencies for Price Chopper’s pharmacy staff, according to Bryant.

The app also grants users convenient access to a personal medication wallet, which can be used to inform a patient’s doctor about all of the medications that other doctors may have prescribed.

In the future, Price Chopper plans to send information to patients about upcoming health related services such as blood pressure screenings or immunizations, via the app, Bryant said.

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