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Toy Retailers Choose Best Toys for Kids

CHICAGO — A pool of 650 independent toy retailers have selected the winners of the American Specialty Toy and Retailing Association’s annual Best Toys for Kids 2013 awards.


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Twenty-one toys were selected in 13 categories. Winners include:

  • Early Play (0-3 years) — Green Toys Seaplane by Green Toys Inc.: A buoyant float plane made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, with spinning propeller and oversized pontoons. Specially designed to float when taken into the bathtub or pool. No BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coatings. $19.99
  • Classic Play (0-7 years) — Skwish Classic by Manhattan Toy: a wooden rattle that introduces the concept of cause and effect to infants while encouraging grasping and reaching. $15.99 
  • Classic Play (8 years +) — Original Spirograph Deluxe Kit by Kahootz Toys: a classic design kit featuring all the iconic wheels and rings of the original drawing toy reengineered for today. $29.99
  • Creative Arts Play — Potholder Pro by Harrisville Designs: A potholder kit including metal loom, two hooks and enough cotton loops to make two eight-and-a-quarter inch potholders. $29.99 
  • Just for Fun — Super Magnetic Tidal Wave Thinking Putty by Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld: When this putty is molded, or shaped, it has no magnetic charge but in the presence of a magnet, its magnetic forces kick in. $14.99

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