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IGA to launch online shopping

IGA on Thursday announced the launch of an online sales site it described as "on par with the national chains."

The service which will be marketed to shoppers as IGA GO, provides what the company called an e-commerce solution that meets shoppers' need for a convenient online ordering platform for pickup or delivery from local IGA stores.

"Online shopping has become an essential element to shopper service in today's grocery marketplace. But that doesn't mean there's no room for traditional stores. Quite the contrary, in fact," Jim Walz, VP of brand development for IGA, said in a note issued to IGA's U.S. store owners Thursday.

"We also know that online shoppers migrate towards a trusted brick and mortar store, which means that IGA retailers are in a unique position to leverage their well-established in-store relationships in the e-commerce space. With the right program and the right partners, the attentive service and personalized offerings that are signature to a Hometown Proud IGA store transfer easily to an online world where shoppers make grocery purchases whenever and wherever it's most convenient for them."

E-commerce technology providers Digital Foodie and Freshop are partnering with IGA on the project.

"While both of these new IGA Red Oval partners are well regarded for their experience and technology, retailers will find differences that will make the fit of one or the other better for their store," Walz said.

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