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Unified Launches Online Rewards

LOS ANGELES — Unified Grocers here said Monday it is offering its retail members an exclusive program that allows consumers to earn points toward a $25 pre-paid Visa Rewards card while shopping online at the websites of more than 1,000 merchants.

The program, called eShop-Rewards, was developed by Unified working with a marketing and promotions company, a spokesman for the member-owned cooperative told SN. To participate, consumers register at and select the Unified member supermarket where they prefer to shop.

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To earn rewards points, they use the eShop website to visit the online sites of mostly national retail companies and purchase items, each of which has a point total set by the product manufacturer; when a consumer has accumulated 27 points, they click the "earnings" button on the eShop site, and a re-loadable $25 Visa Rewards card will be mailed to them, courtesy of the Unified retailer.

Unified members may be able to use the information from consumers to build and develop future relationships and ongoing loyalty, the Unified spokesman said.

According to Dan Murphy, Unified's vice president, perishable and retail services, "What's great about eShop-Rewards is that shoppers of our independent retailers' stores are rewarded for online shopping they are already doing, and as a result, the independent retailers are able to attract more loyal customers and grow their businesses, so it's a win-win for shoppers, retailers and local communities."

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