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VIDEO: The latest ecommerce grocery trends

SN sat down with Ipsos Brad Christian to talk about the findings of Ipsos’ 2023 report on grocery ecommerce

Supermarket News sat down with Brad Christian, head of strategic growth for Ipsos Channel Performance, to talk about Ipsos’ 2023 report on grocery ecommerce. 

The 2023 Ipsos Ecommerce Experience Report found that Walmart and Target lead the way in both delivery and curbside pickup, although several traditional supermarket operators, including Albertsons, Food Lion, and H-E-B, are also performing well in certain aspects of their ecommerce services.

“Ecommerce is really about convenience, communication, and completeness,” said Brad Christian, head of strategic growth, U.S. channel performance at Ipsos, listing what he called the “three C’s” of ecommerce. “If this isn’t a convenient and flexible way of conducting business with your brand, then I’m less inclined to want to use it.”

Take a watch.


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