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Jungle Jim’s makes room for kombucha on tap

Jungle Jim’s, the experiential retailer operating two massive stores in Eastgate and Fairfield, Ohio, has opened kombucha bars in its stores in recent years. SN recently spoke with Andrea Cook, natural foods manager at the Jungle Jim's in Fairfield, about the offering.

Can you describe your kombucha bar offering?

We have 11 rotating options at any given time including local kombucha, exclusive flavors and high alcohol kombucha "beers." We partner with both traditional distributors and local vendors to keep the product selection new and interesting.


How did you make room for the kombucha bar, and where in the store is it located?

We made room for the Kombucha Bar by moving a small section of our gluten-free and supplements sections to other aisles. We then expanded both the Herb N’ Jungle and natural foods departments to make room for the displaced products. This gave us more space for natural foods items and allowed us to make sure the bar is centrally located in the department.

What has been the customer reaction to the kombucha bar?

The customers treat the bar not only as a great resting point in a long shopping adventure but as a personal help desk, as well. The central location of the bar ensures that we are able to provide superior customer service and introduce hundreds of people each week to the benefits of living a whole body wellness lifestyle.

What are Jungle Jim's plans for it in the future? 

If we decide to expand our natural foods department in the future, the bar will play a critical role as the focal point of our customer experience.

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