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Millennial parents organic grocery shopping

Millennials with kids buy the most organics

Parents who are Millennials comprise the biggest group of organic buyers in the U.S., according to Organic Trade Association research that finds that 52% of parents who buy organics are within the 18-34 year-old age range. Gen X parents make up 35% of parents choosing organic, and Baby Boomers, 14%. 

Millennial parents organic buying
Photo: Thinkstock. Illustration: SN/Anna Kang.

"The Millennial consumer and head of household is changing the landscape of our food industry," said Laura Batcha, CEO and executive director of the Organic Trade Association, in a statement. "Our survey shows that Millennial parents seek out organic because they are more aware of the benefits of organic, that they place a greater value on knowing how their food was grown and produced, and that they are deeply committed to supporting a food system that sustains and nurtures the environment."

OTA's U.S. Families' Organic Attitudes and Beliefs 2016 Tracking Study, which polled 1,800 U.S. households with at least one child under 18, also found that 82% of U.S. families say they buy organic sometimes. The number of families never buying organic has gone from almost 30% in 2009 to 18% today.

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