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Kroger’s Home Chef launches Tempo, ready-to-heat line.jpeg Kroger

Kroger’s Home Chef launches Tempo, ready-to-heat line

The new line taps into consumer demand for heat-and-eat

Kroger meal solutions brand Home Chef has launched Tempo, a new line of ready-to-heat and eat meals, which boasts fast, single-serve dishes which are microwavable within four minutes without any prep. 

The Home Chef line is available online and in stores and has a focus on calorie-conscious meals. 

According to Home Chef Chief Product Officer Scott Payne, customers continue to demand convenient meals that take up less time in the kitchen, but still contain nutritional benefits.

Tempo, which Kroger says is “made by chefs,” offers over 12 meal options each week, including: 

  • Garlic sesame chicken stir fry with brown rice and green beans
  • Green chili pork with quinoa, fire-roasted corn, and peppers
  • Harissa beef meatball and couscous bowl
  • Basil pesto white bean primavera
  • Roasted sweet potato and chickpea bowl
  • Teriyaki beef and edamame with broccoli and quinoa

The meals range from $10.99 to $13.49 per serving, as Kroger continues to capitalize on its strength in the meal solutions business.

Many brands are attempting to capitalize on the ready-to-heat and eat meal solutions, including direct-to-consumer frozen food delivery provider Yelloh, (formerly known as Schwan’s Home Delivery), food brands like Campbell’s, and even restaurant chains launching and expanding their at-home frozen food meal lines. 

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