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Grocery Flat as Percent of Sales at Walmart U.S.

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Grocery product and other consumables remained flat at 55% of sales at Walmart U.S. in the most recent fiscal year, the company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


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In its annual 10-K annual report to shareholders, Wal-Mart Stores said the grocery and consumables categories — which includes such nonfood categories as floral, HBC, baby products, household chemicals, paper goods and pet supplies — had risen by two percentage points in the preceding year, from 53% of sales to 55%, but did not increase between fiscal 2012 (ending January of that year) and fiscal 2013.

With total sales for the most recent fiscal year of $274.5 billion in the Walmart U.S. division, that means grocery accounted for sales of about $151 billion. That compares with grocery and consumables sales of about $145.3 billion in fiscal 2012 and $138 billion in fiscal 2011.

Other category sales for fiscal 2013 at Walmart U.S.:

• Entertainment, 11% of total sales;

• Health and wellness (which includes pharmacy, optical and OTC medications), 11%;

• Hardlines, 9%;

• Apparel, 7%; and

• Home, 7%.

The home category increased by one percentage point over fiscal 2012, while entertainment decreased by one percentage point.

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