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Weis Launches New ‘Price Freeze’

SUNBURY, Pa. — Weis Markets here has extended its “Price Freeze” extended discount program to 100 days in recognition of the company’s 100th anniversary.

Lower everyday prices on more than 1,000 items went into effect in Weis’ circular beginning Monday and will run through Oct. 20, the retailer said. The Price Freeze program is the 9th since Weis launched it in 2009.

Weis Markets at 100: No Store Left Behind

“We have extended our 90-day price freeze by ten days in recognition of our company’s 100-year anniversary. Since 2009, our Price Freeze program has generated nearly $40 million in savings for our customers,” Kurt Schertle, Weis Markets executive vice president, sales and merchandising, said in a statement. “We have locked in long-term savings for customers through long-term deals and strategic buying that will help minimize the impact of commodity inflation in the months ahead.”

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