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Former Albertsons employee files class action lawsuit over data breach affecting 33,000

The Boise, Idaho-based grocer failed to notify employees until five months after the breach was discovered

Albertsons Cos. failed to protect the personal information of 33,000 employees in relation to a December 2022 data breach, a proposed federal class action said.

According to a filing in federal court, former Albertsons employee Laura Medina alleged that Albertsons did not comply with its promise to protect employees’ personal information, and additionally breached data-security guidelines of the FTC.

Medina first worked for Albertsons from 2004 through 2006, then again from 2013-2014. She has not worked at Albertsons for almost a decade, the filing stated. 

The Boise, Idaho-based grocer also failed to notify employees until nearly five months after the data breach was discovered, according to the filing. It additionally claimed that there had not been assurance from Albertsons that all personal data or copies of data had been recovered or destroyed, or that the grocery company planned to update its data security practices to avoid a future breach.

Information exposed in the breach included names, driver’s license numbers, and Social Security numbers, according to a complaint filed Monday in the US District of Delaware Court. 

Albertsons did not respond in time for publication of this story. 

The lawsuit asks for the court to provide appropriate monetary relief to affected current and former employees, and additionally asks that the court order Albertsons’ to update its data security measures, as well as provide lifetime credit monitoring and identity theft insurance for those affected. 

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