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Raley's Chief Customer Experience Officer Deirdre Zimmermann talks about the strategy behind O-N-E Market, its unique offerings and services and what lies ahead for this new concept and Raley’s.

Raley’s O-N-E Market the next step in retailer’s transformation

Concept reflects company’s passion for healthy food and exceptional customer service, says Chief Customer Experience Officer Deirdre Zimmermann

With the opening of its third O-N-E Market in Reno, Nev., in April, West Sacramento, Calif.-based grocery retailer Raley’s has taken another step in its continued mission to bring better food to more people — the O-N-E in its name representing organics, nutrition and education.

The health and wellness-focused O-N-E Market expands on Raley’s already strong commitment to healthier lifestyles for its shoppers, and as Deirdre Zimmermann, chief customer experience officer, told us in this SN Off the Shelf podcast, “Raley's O-N-E market is backed by really strong history, our passion for healthy food, fair prices and a dedication to exceptional customer service. It's really the next step in our company's transformation. We have a purpose that guides us here at Raley's, to infuse life with health and happiness by changing the way the world eats one plate at a time.”

A fourth O-N-E Market location is currently under construction in Roseville, Calif., with a planned opening in spring 2022. The pace of additional store conversions and openings will be guided by Raley’s purpose and aligned with customer preference, the company said.  In addition to Reno, O-N-E Market stores are open in Truckee, Calif. (the first, opened in June 2020) and El Dorado Hills, Calif.


Raley’s newest O-N-E Market opened in Reno, Nev., in April.

Raley’s, with 126 stores mostly in California, has a strong reputation as a mission-driven retailer, and O-N-E Market is just the latest expansion of that goal. 

“We've been on this purpose for a while. We stopped selling cigarettes from all our stores about seven years ago. That was the first bold move that we made. And then we removed traditional candy and soda from our checkstands,” said Zimmermann. “We introduced shelf tags that allow you to customize your product selections based on what's important to you, like vegan items or keto items, that kind of thing. We even called out added sugar in some categories on our shelves that customers weren't even aware had so much sugar. We have always been proud of our expanded assortment of organic and better-for-you items. So O-N-E Market was really just the logical next step to kind of bring that way of thinking into a curated store. “

To learn more about the strategy behind O-N-E Market, its unique offerings and services and what lies ahead for this new concept and Raley’s, listen to our conversation with Deirdre Zimmermann here.


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