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Target.png Bill Wilson
Maine Targets now require shoppers to keep their basket size at 10 items or less for self-scanning.

Targets in Maine push new self-checkout standards

Shoppers will now have to keep basket size to 10 items or less

Target is trying to sharpen the efficiency of its self-checkout lines in the state of Maine, reports local radio station WCYY.

The retailer now requires shoppers to keep their basket size at 10 items or less for self-scanning to make the process faster. There is no confirmation if Target will be bringing the requirement to locations in other states.

Other retailers have been experimenting with self-checkout shifts recently.

In an effort to deter theft, Walmart has eliminated the option at three stores in New Mexico, and in July, Kroger converted its checkout lanes in a store in Franklin, Tenn., to be all self-checkout..

Walmart is also seizing an opportunity in the self-checkout line — the company announced in August that it will run third-party ads on the screen while shoppers check out.




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