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With sales of $132.5 billion, The Kroger Co. ranked number one on our list of Top 25 supermarket operators.

Top 25 supermarket operators by sales

Supermarket News and IGD rank the leading traditional grocery chains in the U.S. and Canada

While the overall Supermarket News Top 50 Retailers list includes all channels that sell food and grocery — including mass, convenience, drug and dollar, as well as grocery wholesalers —this year we’ve also broken out the traditional supermarket operators from that list for the ranking of the Top 25 by sales seen below.


SN’s 2021 Top 50 list of the largest food retailers and wholesalers and Top 25 supermarket chains have been compiled with research partner IGD, a leading UK-based analysis and insight organization for the food and consumer goods industry.

Click here for the full analysis of the SN Top 50.

Here is SN’s Top 25 supermarket chains by annual sales.


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