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Giant Eagle Sells Fish From Linda Greenlaw

PITTSBURGH — Giant Eagle has started selling Linda Greenlaw’s “Select” brand of Fresh Wild Swordfish Steaks.

Linda Greenlaw heads the Hannah Boden, sister ship to the Andrea Gail, the doomed vessel featured in the book and movie "The Perfect Storm."

Greenlaw and her crew catch swordfish from the Grand Banks in the North Atlantic.

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On its Facebook page, Giant Eagle explained that Greenlaw’s swordfish are wild-caught with circle hooks to improve sustainable fishing. The design of circle hooks minimizes the interaction with non-targeted species because it hooks in the corner of the mouth, allowing for easy live release of juvenile fish.

“Circle hooks are wider than traditional J-shaped hooks, and have been proven in some studies to reduce the unintentional catch rate of other aquatic species,” Giant Eagle states on its Facebook page.

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