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The SN News Quiz!
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The SN News Quiz: How are grocery retailers growing their retail media?

Some are entering a new phase of tech

Here are the results of last week’s SN News Quiz!

1. Which retailer removed self-checkout in some California stores?

  • Kroger
  • Walmart 
  • Safeway (woohoo!)

2. Which is the latest grocery retailer to slash food prices?

  • H-E-B
  • Amazon Fresh (you got it!)
  • Walmart

3. Corporate layoffs have been a hot topic; which company is the latest to announce terminations?

  • Dollar Tree (yes!)
  • Dollar General
  • Walmart

Bonus question: Walmart, Kroger and Hy-Vee are using in-store media such as video display screens to up their game in the retail media world. Is your store doing more in-store media?

  1. Yes my store is doing more in-store media (43.5%)
  2. No my store is not doing more in-store media (51.6%)
  3. Other (4.8%

Looks like you guys are split on increasing in-store media.


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