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Amazon Fresh joins retailers slashing prices

Amazon Fresh in the U.S. can now save up to 30% on 4,000 weekly rotating grocery items

Amazon Fresh is joining the growing list of retailers slashing prices — effective immediately, Amazon Fresh shoppers can now save up to 30% on 4,000 weekly rotating grocery items across the aisles both in-store and online.

Discounted products rotate on a weekly basis. In addition, Amazon Fresh has also expanded Prime Savings, offering Prime members the opportunity to save 10% on hundreds of grocery items when shopping online. 

In recent weeks, multiple retailers have announced price discounts, including Target and Aldi. Aldi said in a release that it is doing so in order to target “stubbornly high” food prices. 


Amazon Fresh has now joined Aldi and Target in cutting prices in time for summer. Which retailer do you think will be the next to make the move and when?
Let us know in the comments below, or email the SN staff at [email protected]

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