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Speaker: Ecommerce can’t be ignored

About 20% of retailers and manufacturers are heavily invested and involved in ecommerce, according to an Etailing Solutions survey.

Danny Silverman
Danny Silverman

With the channel still in its infancy, there is a critical need to identify solutions and best practices to these problems to help the other 80%, while bringing stability and sustainability to the industry, according to Danny Silverman, VP of ecommerce strategy at Etailing Solutions, an ecommerce consultancy.

“Ecommerce is hard,” Silverman told SN. “Resource demands are high, internal expertise is lacking, the right talent is difficult to find, and direct ROI is tough to measure.”

As a result, it’s a challenge just to align organizations to prioritize ecommerce, much less secure the necessary investment, he said.

Yet the industry can’t ignore how Amazon, and other major players in the online retail space tout explosive sales growth and innovation. What’s more, greater than 50% of CPG sales offline are influenced by online activity.

“ROI or no, the impact of ecommerce has simply become too big to ignore,” Silverman told SN.

Silverman was part of a panel that addressed ecommerce in a Shopper Marketing Summit symposium in Schaumburg, Ill., on March 24.

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