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‘Premium Healthy Living Couples’ Biggest Fresh Food Consumers

CHICAGO — The Nielsen Perishables Group found that five consumer segments account for a large chunk of fresh food sales at supermarkets. These groups tend to be focused on health and wellness, organic and premium foods.

Using FreshFacts Shopper Insights powered by Spire, which tracks loyalty card data, the Nielsen Perishables Group sorted consumers into 40 groups.

Fresh Food Prices Low Now, Set to Rise in 2013

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The top five groups for fresh food purchases are: “premium healthy-living couples”; “finest fresh foodie couples”;  “premium healthy living families”; “premium on-the-go couples”; and “natural and organic couples.”

Fresh Food Prices Low Now, Set to Rise in 2013

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“Combined, these five consumer groups make up 21% of U.S. households that shop in the traditional grocery channel, and they account for 27% of all fresh sales (compared to 23% of total store sales), or over $24 billion in fresh food sales per year,” the group said in its November e-newsletter.

Read more: Fresh Food Prices Low Now, Set to Rise in 2013

The top 10 fresh food categories for these groups include specialty cheese, berries, packaged salad, cooking vegetables, tomatoes, fin fish, citrus, apples, shrimp and bakery breads.

The Nielsen Perishables Group said that retailers can point out meat nutrients to improve meat department sales with these top fresh food consuming groups, who are not buying a lot of meat products. 

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